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Population Density is the amount of people living in a particular area. If this figure is increasing, this means that more people are moving there. There will then need to be more services, houses, more people using electricity and hot water, more people using doctors, etc…

So if more people are moving to Sydney because of jobs, family and the like, then the problem that NSW Government is that they can’t currently cope with the changes that are expected.

That is why in Local Government Areas such as Blacktown and Penrith they have changed zoning of houses to accommodate the increased building of units, granny flats and the like (Medium Density housing). So get used to it, places and back yards in particular will and will continue to get smaller!!

Here is an infomation that comes from both the 2013 Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney and the Urban Task Force that basically says that we need an  33,000 dwellings each year. We built 22,000.

In the next 20 years the amount of houses have increased from 545,000 to 664,300

Here’s where the majority of the growth is expected to occur.

Stand out LGA Population Predictions for 2031 (figure stated is total people in LGA for 2031)

  1. Penrith: 261,450
    Due to: Overseas migration (some internal migration loss noted)
  2. Blacktown: 473,300
    Due to: Overseas migration and fertility rate
  3. Auburn: 130,600
    Due to: Overseas migration and fertility rate (some internal migration loss noted)
  4. Parramatta: 253,900
    Due to: Overseas migration (some internal migration loss noted)
  5. The Hills: 280,900
    Due to: Overseas migration
  6. Liverpool: 288,950
    Due to: Overseas migration and fertility rate
  7. Camden: 162,350
    Due to: Internal migration gain and fertility rate


This doesn’t take into account the changing of zoning to medium density housing (Especially near transport nodes) in the areas closest to the city like Ku-Ringai Council (North Shore). If you drive down the pacific Highway from Hornsby to Chatswood in NSW it has already begun!!

Sydney’s Major demographic issues

Throw in that there are two main demographic issues occurring.

1. Families living in one house:

That due to housing affordability, the parents and children and partners living together is on the rise, especially in the migrant communities in the inner west and the Hills District of Sydney.

Maybe the Italian way of life is better, where they all live in the house, all contribute to paying it off, and then when they can refinance and then they all help the next family member buy their house and so on…

2. Single living is on the rise:

With higher divorce rates and people getting married later, the demand for units and city living is becoming more popular, particularly near transport nodes. They buy for an investment for the future when they get married, or leave it as some professionals rent it out and live at home, helping them to pay off the asset and still have a good lifestyle.


Sydney is an interesting melting pot of Demographic flavouring at the moment.. Time will tell if the mixing of the cultures and demographics will blend together in the end.