We’re Greg Dixon and James Campbell-Bruce, co-founders of Property Solutions for Australia, and we specialise in fast, effective property solutions.

During the past 5 years, we’ve created win-win outcomes for hundreds of people , because we are dedicated to helping others regain control of their financial situations – and their peace of mind. So if you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and afraid you might lose your home, thinking:

  • I need to sell my house fast
  • How can I resolve this financial pressure I am under now?
  • How can I gain back control of my life?
  • How can I sell my house quickly?

We are so glad you’re here!

About Greg

In 1984, at just 19 years old, I began investing in property. Over the course of the past 10 years, I’ve invested more than $250,000 in personal development, property seminars and programs with experts in their respective fields. Before launching Property Solutions for Australia with James, I was the CEO of a National Hydraulic Company, and before that, I managed several large business units for a corporate company. I have the business experience and the education, yes … but what I’m truly driven by is the relief I can see wash over the faces of our clients when we are able to help them move forward with their lives.

About James

I began investing in property in 2001, when I was 25 years old. During the past 5 years, I have invested $100,000 in personal development and property seminar programs with the top people in the field of wealth creation. I consider this investment core to my continuous development as an individual AND as a businessperson. I also have an ASIC approved Australian Credit license and a Mortgage Broking degree. Before my work in the real estate industry, I worked as a High School Economics and Business teacher for 10 years and as a Marketing professional for American Beverage Distributors in Australia. I earned a double degree from the University of Sydney (in Economics and Marketing) and and a Master’s Degree in Teaching. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping others – and that’s our number one motivation here at Property Solutions for Australia.

About Property Solutions for Australia

After independently spending several years in the property game, and through investing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ on our education, we discovered there are so many options out there for people in different types of financial situations … and most people don’t even know about them! Then, as people began to call us to “fix” their property problems, we realised we were in a unique position. You see, people in the market were experiencing difficult financial situations, and in many cases, were worried about making their mortgage repayments. But they couldn’t find help anywhere, let alone trust anyone to provide them with quality information about their various options. These people – people just like you – were losing hope. They stopped communicating with their lenders. In many cases, they ended up selling at a loss … others entered into bankruptcy. We thought, what if there was another way? Property Solutions for Australia was formed because what we have found is that when people experience mortgage stress or are facing repossession they can feel isolated and lonely with no one they can turn to for help in their situation. They can also feel embarrassed, ashamed and guilty and therefore don’t talk to family or friends about their situation. In short, we help transform the lives of people facing mortgage stress or repossession by providing solutions that relieves their situation, restores their hope and provides clarity so they can move forward with their lives and make a fresh start. How do we do that? Well we have 2 divisions in our company;

  1. Is we provide “free” or “low cost” information, tools and resources to help guide them through the financial mess they have gotten themselves into.
  2. We also have a Real Estate Investment arm that may even be able to buy their home…… if together, we feel it would benefit them and identify it as a better option…….. to help them out.

Our Mission

At Property Solutions for Australia, our mission is to guide property owners through a proven process in which they feel respected – and in which they learn exactly how to move forward with dignity and peace of mind. We provide property owners with quality education on repossession and foreclosure, so they can make the best possible decisions when it comes to getting out of financial trouble and moving forward with their lives again. Whether that means adjusting the terms of their mortgage temporarily by helping them negotiate with the Bank so they can stay in their home, or sitting down with them and exploring various options that will give them a second chance at life with a restored hope, it is our goal to repair their problems quickly and easily – with no hidden fees and no fuss

What Next?

If you’d like more information about how we can help you, download a copy of our complimentary informational report, “7 Actions You Can Take RIGHT NOW if You Are in Financial Trouble and in Fear of Losing Your Home (Warning: Not Taking Action Could Be Disastrous!)” To get the report, refer to the “Start Right Here” section below.