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“Can I Sell My Home Fast?…”

That’s what many people ask us to do when they realise they are soon to have their home repossessed.

Another common question is around that of Home Renovations.

“Can I get a better price for my home if I renovate?”

Here’s the BIG problems with Renovating when you are already in financial trouble and you ask us “Can I Sell My Home Fast?”

When you already have a large amount of debt that’s weighing you down, renovating, even on the tightest of budgets, may only be wasting more of your hard earned cash.

If you are planning to sell your home to pay off your personal debt, renovating your home before putting it up on sale can get your house a better value in the property market but it’s going to cost you more money than you’ll make back fromt the sale.

Many people get this idea from watching reality TV shows like “The Block”…

But renovating is not for the faint hearted,

Even the contestants on “The Block” can go home empty handed and they are not even using their own money for the actual renovations.

The truth is – if they had of been using their own money for the renovations, many of the contestants would go broke throughout the process!

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We can show you a solution that will help you get out of the financial mess you are in without wasting anymore of your hard earned cash.

If your house is in danger of repossession by the bank due to many missed mortgage repayments, call us on (02) 8006 0420 and we can help you analyze the best options and help you sell your home fast house.

Saves you Money. Saves you Time. Saves you more sleepless nights…

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