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Hey Everyone,

I have come across a new, free helpful service that allows you to look up your credit score with VEDA, who are the biggest credit reporting business in Australia. The Banks use VEDA and Dunn and Bradstreet as the two agencies to run credit checks before they approve loans.

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Go get a head start before you apply for a loan, click on the link below, it takes around 2 minutes.


The score you get is a bottom line score, and isn’t detailed. It just gives you an indication of hat might happen if you applied for credit.


How do you interpret this new credit score?


Here are the main areas your credit score gets slotted into:


833 – 1200 = Excellent Credit

726 – 832   = Very Good

622 – 755   = Good

510 – 621   = Average

0     – 509   = Poor


There are wide ranges of initiatives that we can employ to either improve your score or take advantage of your current strength. Have a chat to your mortgage broker about this, or you can give me a call and we can work out ways to improve your credit, or make steps towards owning your own home sooner.




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