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There are some stages between receiving a notice of default from the bank to that day which you home is repossessed. For the financial institution each and every stage of the repossession process, you are given an opportunity to attempt to address the problem before the property is repossessed.

Some of the property solutions which you can apply to protect your home from the banks include:

As an individual, you can sell your home and not wait for the bank to repossess it. After peddling your home, you pay the bank fully and your will avoid the repossession stress. You can then decide to arrange to refinance the money owed and then use the funds from the refinancing to so pay out the bank. You can also decide to raise funds to repay any remaining payments, here you must agree with the bank which credited you.

It is always advisable to contact experts to guide you assessing the necessary steps to take to bring a repossession action more affordable. If you get the correct steps, you can turn things around very quickly and afford losing even more money.

In case you are unable to make a repayment, it is recommended that you contact the financial institutions immediately, and they will deal with your financial hardships accordingly.

Home Repossession in Australia


You are allowed to give explanations why you are unable to make the repayment, and they may help by agreeing to vary the initial agreement. If you contact the financial institution the soonest, it will be easier for them to review your mortgage contracts. There are specific legal rights which guide you to request changes to be made to the initial contract agreement to repay your debt.

Whenever you are unable to make repayments due to a hardship such as unemployment, illness or any other reasons, the lending institutions may listen. What you must understand is that always there is no guarantee that your contract is reviewed or postponed. It always depends on the lenders rules and regulations, and you must understand them from the initial stages. When the creditors agree, they must always send you a written notice detailing the agreement.

If you want to know how much the big banks listen to people in hardship – just ask the thousands of hard-working Australians that lose their homes to repossession every single year.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – we may be able to help you out of your unfortunate situation.

If you are facing repossession or know someone who is then call us on Property Solutions For Australia on 02 8006 0420 – the sooner you call us the quicker we can help.