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How would that make you feel? Pretty Great I’d bet!

Did you know that mortgage distress is more common than you think?

Just recently the NAB Bank quoted that 46% of their clients that go into arrears for not paying their mortgage suffer from:
• loss of Job
• Health Issue (Mental or Physical)
• Failed Business
• Or they over commit/overstretched financially.

This is an alarming statistic.

Often those who are experiencing mortgage distress suffer from great emotional trauma, strain, distress, and pain. This puts pressure on their key relationships at home and at work; this also affects their health remarkably.

Often the self-talk focuses on the pain of humiliation, and what they will tell family members and friends. This can lead to a low self worth, and at times self-loathing because of the circumstance they find themselves in.

A growing stack of bills that they can’t just afford to pay. They feel financially stuck, and the feeling that they will never see the light at the end of the tunnel becomes suffocating.

What if we can find a solution to your financial distress and take all that pain away in 7 days, can you imagine what this feels like?

What we do at Property Solutions for Australia is through our proven 7 step process, we investigate your situation to find options that can provide immediate clarity, direction and hope for those who are experiencing mortgage distress.

How will it feel having the confidence to know you will have peace of mind with money in the bank and imagine starting your life again being DEBT- FREE because we have helped you achieve the outcome you want and now you can, at last, breathe easily?

If this is you, you can call our office on (02) 8006 0420 to receive a free phone consultation (valued at $99) to explore how we can get you out of your crippling debt fast.