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Studies show that more than 30 percent of the new homeowners in Australia experience mortgage stress.

The causes of mortgage stress are diverse and varied among different people. As a homeowner who is experiencing repayment problem of your mortgage, there are rights which you are given. You can take actions to tackle mortgage stress and regain control of your financial future for your home and family.

But you must act quickly.

The longer you leave your situation – the worse it gets.

Sometimes getting a house loan is easier than the repaying process. For people who are employed or working, getting a mortgage for isn’t strenuous as for those who don’t have a constant income. Though rushing into a mortgage you cannot really afford is can lead to mortgage stress and sometimes even home repossession.

You can avoid mortgage stress by preparing responsibly by taking into account possible issues which can come from the repayment of your loans. As you are going to plan for a mortgage do a thorough budget by determining how much you can afford to borrow. Predict your future income gains and calculate future income losses into a calculator.

Know how much you are capable to pay comfortably without adjusting your lifestyle.

As a new homeowner always be flexible to your budget as you assess your plans which will require your finances, you will reduce mortgage stress. When you decide to take a mortgage, make sure you are comfortable making sacrifices. Some of the habits, you will sacrifice avoiding will reduce chances of you getting mortgage stress.

Mortgage Stress in Australia


What are the rights you have as a borrower?

Sometimes after taking a home loan, some unexpected problems may come in hence affecting your repayment program. You are entitled as a homeowner to make a request to your financial lender to review your contract. It will be effective if you immediately take this initiative to inform them.

If you are in a position of selling the house yourself and repay the bank is also allowed. Follow legal procedure when you take any action which will not only give your peaceful transactions but also give you satisfaction in your dealings.

Comfortably avoid the mortgage stress by contacting your loan advice which are always there to help. Avoid repossession today by making the right decision from the initial stages of buying a home. You decision will betray you always, so clear your conscience and make right choices to your home ownership.