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“Is the new year a good time to sell my home fast?”

That’s a question we get asked every day from everyday people who for whatever reason – and sometimes through no fault of their own – found themselves getting further behind on their Mortgage Repayments.

The start of the year may seem like a good time to sell with everyone optimistic about the property market but tread slowly…

One wrong step can lead to a financial wipeout.

If you are struggling with severe financial stress and debt anxiety, be aware that the scarcity of properties in the market can create an atmosphere where buyers negotiate harder to drive your listing price down.

To make matters worse – the New Year can be slow for sales for the local real estate agent – this means their focus shifts on making any property sales simply to meet their early year sales targets and not getting the best possible price for your home.

If you must sell your home early in the year, here’s some useful tips to maximise your sale price.

To start with, decorate your home according to the holiday season to make it look attractive to the buyers, proactively motivating them to imagine living in your home.

Keep your house well lighted and cool, so that the buyers may want to stay inside longer admiring your house’s interiors away from the summer heat outside.

The idea is to make a positive and lasting impression on the buyers so that they have your property on top priority.

Most Important – Seek help!

If you are falling behind in your Mortgage Repayments and have that sickening feeling that the bank might soon repossess your home, DO NOT make any decisions without seeking help from Property Solutions For Australia.

As Australia’s trusted foreclosure and repossession advocate, if you act fast we may be able to help you and save your home from repossession.

Call Property Solutions For Australia Now on (02) 8006 0420 to book in a no-obligation consultation today!

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