When you bought your home, you were probably so excited to have a place of your own that you didn’t think about how much your life circumstances could change.

Now, your circumstances have changed … and you’re in dire straits.

Money is tight – so tight you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to continue making your mortgage repayments. And to make things worse, you haven’t been able to keep up with maintenance and repairs for a while now … and you can’t afford to bring the house up to scratch for selling.

Even worse still, you’re not sure when the situation will improve. You’re thinking you’ll have to sell your own home and it’s all very overwhelming.

If you haven’t missed a payment yet, you’re probably anxious about missing one and then receiving notices and calls from the bank. And if you have missed a repayment (or more than one repayment) and started receiving those communications, you’re more than likely feeling the stress.

You may be feeling embarrassed, exhausted, or overwhelmed … or any combination of the 3.

You want nothing more than to move past this – but you’re unsure of how to do so.

Good news: It doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine being able to sell your house, quickly, and put an end to all the stress.



Imagine being able to start fresh and move forward.

Now you can.

At Property Solutions for Australia, we’re investors with a passion for helping homeowners just like you to move forward.

How do we do that?

We have two divisions in our company:

  1. We provide free or low cost tools and resources to guide you through the financial mess you may have found yourself in.
  2. We also have a Real Estate Investment Arm that can even buy their home..if together we identify it as an option.. to help them out.

We specialise in How to sell your house quickly: in creating out-of-the-box solutions that are win-win for people who want to sell my home quickly (just like you!).

We take away the stress, overwhelm and worry you feel managing the situation, so you can get some breathing room and finally move forward with your life.

Now, you may be thinking:

  • How do I know I will receive a fair market price for my home?
  • Where am I going to live?
  • How can I get the bank and other creditors off my back?
  • What options do I have, and how do I know which option is the best for my situation?
  • How does my current situation affect my future borrowing?
  • I need money to fix up my house so I can sell it!
  • How could you help me fix my problem so I can gain control of my financial situation again?

Take a deep breath.

We’re here to help you.

At Property Solutions for Australia, we’re dedicated to helping YOU make the best decision possible when it comes to your current financial situation, so you can move on with your life.

We created Property Solutions for Australia because we know the traditional cash transaction model doesn’t work for everyone. So together, using our extensive expertise and knowledge, we will collectively explore various options, ideas and solutions that you can choose from that will best suit your specific situation, AND enable you to sell your home quickly.

Most importantly, we give you hope and a second chance to make a fresh start. We allow you to move forward.

7 Step Proven Process – the PSA difference

We have created our own proven process that we follow called “The Property Solutions for Australia difference”; it’s a 7 step process for helping people with their mortgage challenges.


Our 7-Step Process


  1. Fill out a “Consultation form” or email us and we will contact you shortly

  2. Receive a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to determine how we may be able to help you.

  3. Dependent upon your situation, and how we feel we can help, and the options you choose, we do one of two things:

    A. We offer free and/or low cost information, tools and resources to help you get back on your feet again.

    OR alternatively

    B. We book a face to face meeting over a casual cup of coffee, listen for desired outcomes and ask a specific range of defined quality questions to gain a Holistic understanding of your situation.

  4. Using our extensive expertise and knowledge, together we explore various options available to you so you can move forward with your life.

  5. If together, we identify it as a good possible option for you, we assess whether our investment arm is interested in buying your house.

  6. Using market comparison data, together, we will determine a fair market price for your house.

  7. If desired, we offer our clients a follow up “Client Care Program”. This service provides a helping hand for you to make a fresh start and get you started back on your feet again.


Client Care Program

What we have found is that some of our clients need a bit more help to regain their dignity, confidence and certainty after experiencing a financial setback, which can often affect how they view themselves or feel about themselves.

In other words, their self-esteem takes a hit and may be very low and they can have a tendency to beat themselves up unnecessarily.

As a result, we realise that some clients may need some extra help in having a mentor to come along side for a few sessions to get their mind clear and their mental state on track to help them regain their belief and self-esteem, to rebuild, make a fresh start, and get themselves back on their feet again.

For these reasons, we offer an after care client service that will continue to serve and help our clients as they move forward in their lives, getting it back on target.

Thus our Client Care Program helps people reconstruct their lives again, focusing on goal setting, budgeting and a healthy mindset so they can take steps not to be in this same situation again.

And most importantly, having hope and confidence in seeing a bright and happy future.

Honestly, it changed my whole outlook on life, to the point that even my family is surprised at the things I’m willing to give a try and the positive way I look at life now.”
— Kate, Western Sydney

Hear the complete conversation:

What’s Next?

If you’d like more information about how we can help you, download a copy of our complimentary informational report, “7 Actions You Can Take RIGHT NOW if You Are in Financial Trouble and in Fear of Losing Your Home (Warning: Not Taking Action Could Be Disastrous!)”

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