The thing is, we thought it was the end of the world for us, you know it’s your family home? You’ve given us a second chance to rebuild.”

— Roseanne and Paul, Sydney

Hear the complete conversation:

I was struggling to cope with my mortgage payments and I was close to losing my home. I had very little equity left in my property and the bank costs and legal fees were mounting. I was referred to Greg and James, and they saw me the next day. They were able to quickly resolve my problem, and I have been able to move forward with my life. Thanks guys for a great result from a difficult situation!”

— Barry, Blacktown

I was in a very awkward and financially stressed position with no where to turn. I feared for the worst that my house would be taken from me. i was introduced to Greg and James and what can I say, they listened to me and understood and felt compassion for me where the big banks didn’t care. They were able to fix my situation quickly and without them I couldn’t imagine where i would be today.. they are certainly one in a million and were my strength. Thank you so much again!!”

— Cheryl, Newcastle

My life was far from how I planned it to be. I’d lost my husband, my business, and I was struggling financially. I realized I needed to sell my home and quickly!
I phoned Greg and James who both came out reassuring me they could help. They arranged and sorted everything; I didn’t have to do a thing.
They purchased the house quickly and hassle free, they also helped me make arrangements to pay all my outstanding debts.
I’m so grateful to you both for all the help you have given me in starting to get my life back in order, and now I can move on to plan for a better future.
I really am extremely grateful to you both, there are just no words to tell you how I really feel, so I hope you just know!!

— Kylie, Sydney

Our family were under great stress as we couldn’t afford our house payments anymore. James and Greg bought the house for what we wanted, took care of the debt we had and we were able to move forward with our lives. No stress – life is good now! Thanks guys

— Sarah and Jay, Sydney

When Robert couldn’t work any more we found it hard to make ends meet and pay the mortgage. We were over the stress in dealing with the bank collection people when we didn’t have any money and found it difficult to sell our place due to the state of disrepair of the property as Robert was ill. We talked to Greg and within three weeks, the property was sold and we were finally debt free and able to move forward with our lives. Thanks so much Greg!! It’s a huge weight off our shoulders!!

— Jan and Robert, Sydney

I had been trying to sell my home for quite a while without any luck. I had a huge debt on my house with large interest payments. I was overwhelmed with debt and just over it all. I just wanted to move to the country for a slower pace of life. I heard of Greg through a friend and Greg and James met with me, and worked out a solution to my debt load and within a couple of weeks they bought my house at the price I needed to clear all of my debts and move to the country. Thanks guys for a fantastic result!!

— Kevin, Sydney