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 At Property Solutions for Australia we have helped numerous clients who need to access the equity in their house fast to meet a range of personal and business needs. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients.

Client who needed to sell her house fast

“Late last year life dealt me out a cruel hand which turned my life upside down in a flash. It was a most upsetting and horrible time for me as I was in a very awkward and financially stressed position with nowhere to turn at the time.

After making numerous calls I was introduced to Greg Dixon from Property Solutions for Australia and what can I say he listened to me, he understood me and he felt compassion for me where the big banks didn’t care, I was just a number to them. To Greg I was a person going thru hell and after a lengthy chat to understand my situation he offered assistance without hesitation to help solve my problem.

Greg agreed to purchase my house quickly and we agreed on a fair price that would get me what I wanted. He then guided me thru the sales process. After documents were quickly drawn up within a few days, Greg assisted me by providing a lump sum payment up front, which got me out of trouble immediately.

From the word go Greg bent over backwards to assist me, everything he said he would do he honoured and more.

What can I say, at the end of the day when no one else was there Greg was, I could have lost my home if it wasn’t for Greg and although I still had to sell it was done tastefully and not thru the hands of a pushy Bank with no feelings.

I found Greg to be a very honest person, supportive, polite, very business astute, professional and easy to talk to, he was a life saver.

I would not hesitate to recommend Greg to anyone who needs assistance or guidance as I did as without him I could not imagine where I would be today…, he is certainly one n a million and was my strength.

Thank you Greg”

Cheryl – 52 – Newcastle


At Property Solutions for Australia we have helped numerous clients who need to access the equity in their home quickly. Often they need to sell their house fast for a range of reasons. Typically we work with client’s who need quick results to meet immediate health issues, loss of income as well as those seeking equity for business ventures, debt and financial restructuring.

If you are facing similar circumstances and need to sell your home quickly, please call Greg from Property Solutions For Australia on 02 8006 0420 for a free, confidential consultation.  Or email us at