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I just read this article from the Property observer and this story has to be seen to be believed.

Watch the video below, and tell us: could you have lived in this?

The Property Observer article (link provided below) tells you more about the house in question. In a nutshell, they paid $410 per week, and needed according to Edwin Almedia, around $15,000 to make things liveable and abide by tenancy laws. The renovation included fixing the broken fence, fixing the mould and electrical problems, fixing the concrete balcony, a kitchen upgrade and other more cosmetic fixes. It was also self managed, so no real estate agent was managing the property.

The question I need to ask with this one is, how could the tenants continue to live in this house?

Normally, if you are good and reasonable to your tenants they will be good to you and look after the place for you.

If you want the link to the Property Observer article here it is:

Cheers, James